What We do?
We provide advanced analytical system integration.

With our robust infrastructure and skilled workforce, Glorinda is well-equipped to meet your analyzer package system assembly needs, efficiently and effectively.

Glorinda specializes in seamless integration of highly specialized and customized systems, including cutting-edge solutions like analyzer packaging, process on-line analyzers, CEMS, and HRSG for power plants and water treatment facilities, and similar applications.

Who We Are?
We Implement Ideas Beyond Imagination!

Our Mission

Glorinda's mission is to foster innovative, interconnected economic systems and structures that empower efficient, cooperative solutions for humanity.

Our Core Values

We provide innovation and support in all aspects. Our clients will recognize us as supporting hands in all business areas where they can rely on. We will always be pioneering, client-focused, innovative, committed, creative.

  • Trust
  • Cooperation
  • Accountability

Our Vision

Glorinda aims to drive intelligent and conscious change to preserve non-renewable resources by innovating economic and industrial systems.

Our Services

In the realm of analyzer systems, Glorinda offers a wide range of services to meet your needs. Our team comprises dedicated professionals, from design & technical engineers to analyzer service experts, we also have QA/QC specialists. Some of our services are as follows:

We Procure

Top-notch Systems

Through meticulous procurement and integration, we source top-notch tailor-made systems from leading manufacturers across the globe.

  • Analyzer Package systems
  • Fire & Gas (F&G) systems
  • Corrosion Monitoring Systems
We Offer

Advanced Engineering

  • Analyzer System Design, Fabrication, Integration, and Integrated Staging.
  • Basic & Detail Engineering for Analyzer Package Systems.
  • Technical Consulting for Analyzer Package Systems.
  • Analyzer assembly, Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), Site Acceptance Testing (SAT).
After-sales services

to Alleviate Your Concerns

  • Commissioning & Start-up Service for Analyzer Package Systems.
  • Training Services (Maintenance/Operation) for Analyzer Package Systems.
  • Maintenance service for Analyzer Package Systems.
We Serve

Our extensive experience and expertise in procuring and integrating components of analytical systems enable us to uniquely address the demands of diverse industries, such as Oil and Gas Refineries, Petrochemicals, and up-stream projects.
Our integrated systems showcase rich experience, resulting in renowned analytical instruments that meet the needs of process industries dealing with hazardous chemicals and gases. We lead in designing and engineering integrated analyzer systems, focusing on research and innovation.