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Analyzer Package System

Glorinda specializes in offering comprehensive Analyzer Package Systems, integrating various analyzers and measuring instruments into a unified package. This advanced system is designed to monitor real-time physical and chemical properties of process line samples, facilitating process optimization and quality management across diverse industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemicals mining, and power generation.

Analyzer Package System includes analyzer shelter, cabinet, and rack that are designed to accommodate various types of analyzers such as:


Key Characteristics of Our Advanced Analyzer Package System:

Analyzer Package features

Sample Conditioning System

To ensure the safe operation of the equipment and align the sample's pressure, temperature, and fluid condition with the required sample conditions for analysis, the Sample Conditioning System is installed at the sample shelter, in line with the analyzer, and safety systems.


A structure designed to protect the analyzer from hazards and meet installation requirements.

Hazardous Conditions

Comprising electrical and non-electrical fixtures designed to prevent and withstand explosions, ensuring safety during operations.

Manual Sampling System

Our Sampling System is designed to provide the highest level of performance and accuracy, ensuring that your samples are prepared and analyzed to the highest standard.

Corrosion Monitoring System

Corrosion measurement is the quantitative method by which the effectiveness of corrosion control and prevention techniques can be evaluated and provides the feedback to enable corrosion control and prevention methods to be optimized.


-Analyzer Management System
-Gas Cylinders and Cylinder Accessories